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Amber Inclusion

Baltic Amber Gemstone, Fossil insect inclusion, Diptera, Price per piece


Baltic Amber With Fossil Mosquito Inclusions! Includes Case w/4x Magnifying Top!


Baltic Amber Inclusion 3688. GREAT SALTICIDAE JUMPING SPIDER ! Fossil Insect


Baltic Amber, Lot Of 5 Pieces With Insect Inclusions


Mexican Amber with Rare Millipede Inclusion 7.5 g


Baltic Amber Inclusion 3506. 2 Very nice ANTS Scene. Fossil Insect Inkluze


Baltic Amber Inclusion 3697. PERFECT HUGE LONG LEGGED FLY Diptera, Fossil Insect


Baltic Amber Inclusion 3657. 3 x Spider + Fly In One Amber Fossil Insect Inkluze


Mexican Amber with Insect Inclusions 44.9 g


Burmese Amber, Insect Inclusion, Praying Mantis, Extremely Rare


Ancient Amber with Insect Inclusions


Baltic Amber Inclusion 3489. Great Spider Salticidae?. Fossil Inkluze


Burmese Amber, Insect Inclusion, Tick, Rare


7,5mm SPIDER Genuine 1,82gr Baltic Amber Fossil Insect Inclusion (09)


Amber Fossil Dominican Republic Inclusion Insect 0.8g Authentic Extraordinary


Baltic Amber Inclusion 2257. HUGE 1.4 cm PERFECT LEAF !. Rare Fossil Botanical.


Baltic Amber, Fossil inclusion, Aphidoidea (Aphid) Swarm


Burmese Amber, Insect Inclusion, Arachnida, Scorpion in large piece of amber


Burmese Amber, Fossil inclusion, Snail


Burmese Amber, Fossil Inclusion, Snail


Certified Natural Amber Burmite Diptera Insect Inclusion S6519


Burmese Amber, Fossil Inclusion, Reptile, Lizard Skin


Burmese Amber, Fossil inclusion, Rachiberothidae, Thorny Lacewing


Burmese Amber, Fossil Inclusion, Bird Feather


Burmese Amber, Fossil inclusion, Polyxenidae (Soft Millipede)


Fossil Amber Dominican Republic Rare Spider with Web 0.7g Authentic Inclusion


Burmese Amber, Fossil inclusion, Hemiptera, Coreoidea (True Bug)


Dominican Amber, Lot Of 255 Pieces To Polish, All With Inclusions (insects)


Burmese Amber, Fossil inclusion, Raphidioptera, Snakefly


Burmese Amber, Insect Inclusion, Berothidae, Beaded Lacewing


CAELIFERA True Grasshopper Extremely Rare Inclusion BALTIC AMBER + HQ Pic 150127


Strange Inclusion in Burmite Burmese Amber Fossil from Cretaceous Dinosaur Era