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15-23mm blue turquoise freeform slab nugget beads 15.5" strand


Natural Faceted Pyrite Gemstone Freeform polygonal Beads 15.5'' 4mm 6mm 8mm 10mm


3 large freeform yellow citrine slice beads chunky semiprecious stone avg 35mm


5-10mm Natural Chip Nugget Freeform Gemstone Beads 34" Pick Stone


18-22mm green turquoise freeform nugget beads 16" strand


50mm - 55mm blue turquoise freeform slab nugget beads 15.5" strand


Natural Black Tourmaline Rough Freeform Points Sticks Gemstone Beads Std 16"


15-25mm green turquoise freeform slab nugget beads 15.5" strand


Natural Genuine Green Tourmaline Rough Freeform Gemstone Bead Nuggets Std 16"


Ocean Jasper Orbs Freeform Cab Cabochon


4x8-10x13mm Natural GemStone Nugget Freeform Spacer Beads Strand 15.5"


Jay King Rhodochrosite Freeform Bead Necklace, Silver Heart pendant Clasp, NIB


Natural Raw Rough Nugget Gemstone Baroque Freeform Beads14-16mm 7.5" Mid Drilled


Natural Genuine Black Tourmaline Rough Freeform Nuggets Gemstone Beads Std 16"


10 citrine long yellow top drilled freeform spike beads asst size


MEXICAN Fire Agate Gemstone Freeform all Natural Multicolored 20x10


NG2877 Yellow Calcite 18mm - 25mm Tumbled Freeform Nugget Gemstone Beads 15"


10x12mm Natural Blue Apatite Faceted Freeform Loose Beads 15.5"


6x8-10x12mm Natural Gemstone Freeform Potato loose beads 16"




Natural Labradorite Flat Beads 15.5" pick Shape


Natural Gemstones Genuine Turquoise Rock Freeform Nugget Loose Beads Free Ship


Freeform Natural Clear Rock Crystal Quartz Gemstone Pendant For Necklace Jewelry


5 small flat freeform pink and white rhodochrosite beads stone avg size 15mm


Natural Garnet Red Freeform Nugget Chip Gemstone Beads 35" Necklace Strand




12x14mm Natural Garnet Freeform Loose Beads 15.5"


15-20mm white turquoise freeform slab beads 15.5" strand


6-10mm Natural Aquamarine Small Freeform Nugget Beads 15.5" Strand


Natural Freshwater Black Peacock Potato Pearl Beads 15“


9x10mm Natural Charoite Freeform Loose Beads 16"


24-30mm white turquoise freeform slab nugget beads 15.5" strand top drilled


Natural Pyrite Gemstone Freeform Faceted polygonal Beads 15.5'' 6mm 8mm 10mm


Natural Faceted Gemstones Rondelle Nugget Freeform Beads 8” 10x15mm-13x19mm


9x11mm Natural Blue Chalcedony Faceted Freeform Loose Beads 15.5"


4x10mm Natural Charoite Seraphinite Green opal Freeform Loose Beads 15.5"


Freeform Marine Chalcedony 3" Pendent Sunstone Beads 20" Necklace


4-9mm Natural Gemstone Freeform Potato loose beads 16" Charoite kyanite Peridot


Set of Freeform Gem Turquoise Cabochons (Royston, Nevada)


8x10mm Natural Citrine Freeform Loose Beads 15.5"


CRL288 Red Coral 9mm - 11mm Freeform Round Branch Tube Beads 15"


Rainbow Pink Titanium Aura Amethyst Freeform Druzy Pendant (DR46CN)


20x25mm Natural Persia Agate Flat Freeform Loose Beads 16"